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                                                                             Hair Keratin Treatment

What is Keratin Treatment ?

To sum up

 - Keratin treatment laminates the hair with protective layer of protein

 - Neutralise the chemical impact of chemically treated hair.

 - Makes hair strong, thicker and manageable.  

Keratin Treatment  repairs chemically treated hair . Hair got damaged by using chemical process like hair rebonding or hair smoothening or by using excessive hair dryer  . Whenever someone decided to go for hair rebonding or hair smoothening then this should be followed by Keratin treatment - which is hair repair treatment . It is better to use combo treatment of hair smoothening and keratin for better hair care .

Keratin treatment is growing in popularity with each day passing by. However, every individual is curious to know what exactly Keratin is. Our hair, skin, teeth and nails are made of a very strong protein known as “Keratin”. The amino acids combine together to form Keratin. These amino acids have special properties. Keratin can be found in both hard and soft form. The nature of Keratin is dependent on the level of amino acid.

Keratin is the most important structure of each and every hair. There are different types of Keratin treatment. However, there is a similarity in all of these treatments. They inculcate Keratin in the hair. This penetrates into the hair to reach out to the cortex. This strengthens the hair. The eventual result is strong and healthy hair. If you want a treatment that will make your hair strong and manageable - go for keratin treatment . You will be amazed to see the transformation your hair will go through post Keratin treatment.

Tip :

Keratin treatment is always used on chemically treated  / damaged hair. If no chemical treatment processed on your hair then there is no need to go for Keratin Treatment- just use any good Keratin Shampoo for smooth hair.

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Things you need to know before getting Hair Keratin treatment 

 Most of us struggle with our hair every day, With amazing developments in the beauty industry came another revolutionary procedure for hair- the Keratin treatment. With a large number of success rate , this treatment has certainly built itself a loyal fan following. Want to try this too ? Read on further to know why and how it can transform your hair which you have always wanted.

What is hair Keratin?

Keratin is the major protein which is naturally present in our hair. Not only does the hair contain Keratin, it is also majorly comprised of keratin-associated proteins. It's main goal is to protect your hair and keep them healthy. Due to exposure to  the  hair chemicals,  the keratin present in the hair gets depleted / damaged. This loss is what leads to dry, damaged and dull hair.


What does a hair Keratin treatment do? 


During a hair keratin treatment, keratin is artificially added to the hair to make it look smooth, shiny and strong, thereby making it very popular. Keratin treatments fill in the porous spots in your hair which materialized due to loss of keratin. These overly-porous hair cause frizz, tangles and breakage. A keratin treatment is basically rebuilding the hair by putting back the lost protein into your strands. 



What to expect from a keratin hair treatment?

Keratin treatment results in smooth hair which gradually fades out after a few months. The ingredient Keratin is basically like a super strong deep conditioner. Keratin treatment laminates the hair with protective layer of protein. 
The results of the Keratin treatment also vary from one person to another. It’s essentially rebuilding those parts of the hair which have been damaged. The effects of the treatment are going to be different for everyone so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the stick straight hair you were looking for. A keratin treatment is more about manageable and smooth hair.

What is the Procedure?

The Process of keratin treatment lasts for maximum three hours ( as per hair length ) and consist of the following steps.

- Hair wash (only Shampoo , not conditioner)

- Blow-dry to make dry hair.

- Application of Keratin Treatment in small hair batches.

- Hair is left to set and dry.

- Another round of blow-dry

- Followed by a flat-iron to help seal in the keratin onto hair.

The end result would be smooth, shiny, manageable hair which will last you at least five to six months with a proper post hair care regime. Although this treatment doesn’t have any proven side-effects, it’s extremely important that the procedure is performed by a trained hairstylist. 

What is Post-treatment care?

After the keratin treatment, it is recommended to invest in a good keratin shampoo. You’re not allowed to wash your hair or tie them back  for at least 48 hours. Although your hair becomes more manageable post-treatment, there won’t be a significant change to your hair care regime. You’ll still be required to put in extra effort to take care of your hair. Hair Stylists usually advise sulfate free keratin  shampoo. This would ensure longevity as the keratin shampoo won’t counteract the treatment. Consult your hairdresser about post-care products to maintain your smooth hair for a longer period of time. 

Is it different from Hair smoothening or hair rebonding?

In Keratin treatment, the hair structure is not chemically altered, but hair is made shiner and manageable and laminates with a protective layer of protein. And, when it comes to hair smoothening and hair rebonding, the treatment changes the composition of hair and makes them permanent straight. 


What is the Hair Keratin treatment Price ?

The Price of Keratin treatment depends on length of the hair. It also varies on what product will be used for the treatment at different salons. However, the usual price of Keratin Treatment is Rs 2000- 3,000 ,however high street parlours are charging 4 to 5 times of this price due to high rental and brand royalty payment. 

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                                                                    Hair Rebonding / Hair Smoothening

What is Hair Smoothening ?


Hair Smoothening is a chemical treatment which makes hair straight and smooth by altering the real structure of hair. To make your hair look straight and sleeker, it uses heat and chemicals to break the bonds in your hair . No matter how wavy or curly hair you have, you can always restructure your hair texture completely with this hair treatment. Hair Smoothening is perfect for those who wish to go for straight hair and want to have a smoother and silkier hair.

Benefits Of Hair Smoothening


If you have curly or wavy hair and depend on old ways to straighten your hair , Hair Smoothening can make things easy for you. Straight hair is easy to style and maintain. Hair Rebonding will give you frizz-free smooth hair.

How Long Does It Last?


It is a permanent treatment that can last up to 6 months depending on your hair texture and how good you take care of it. However with new hair growth ( about 2 inch every month ) the original hair starts to come back, you can opt for touch-ups in about every 5-6 months depending on your hair growth.


Side Effects And Precautions


 Hair Rebonding / Smoothening is a chemical treatment and it should be followed by Keratin Treatment - which laminates the hair with protective layer of protein and makes hair strong and manageable. keratin treatment is hair repair treatment which neutralse the chemical impact . It is better to take combo treatment of rebonding and Keratin for better hair care.

Hair Care After The Hair Smoothening

First of all, don't wash your hair and keep it getting wet for at least 48-72 hours. The hair rebonding takes time to settle and work. Wash your hair on the third-fourth day with the sulphate free  hair shampoo and conditioner or as recommended by the stylist.

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                                                                                      Hair Highlights

What is hair Highlights ?

When it comes to hair highlights, you have three main options:

1.   Basic Highlighting : without using any colour ( through hair bleach process )

2.   Single-process colour  : ( through direct hair colouring  process )

3.   Double highlighting process : ( by using hair bleach + hair colouring process )

But which one is better for you? It’s hard to figure it out on your own, especially if have textured hair. 

When it comes to Hair Highlights, it’s all about making the colour lighter than the natural hair colour, 

It is an ideal option if you have the perfect base colour hair tone and not to change the natural hair colour too much, Hair streaks always enhance the hair by adding streaks of lighter shades than your natural hair colour tone.


Why I go for Hair Highlights?

Hair Highlights is an effective way of blending light colour hair over natural hair colour If client wants hair color lighter .

Hair Highlights have an incredible impact on your overall look,Enhancing the natural look, by simply adding the right Hair Colour Streaks

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Loreal Power Dose Treatment ( Power-Mix)

This Treatment (Power-Mix ) Will Save Your Hair From Damage and Breakage

 L’Oréal Professionnel 

When it comes to skin, most women have more than one concern. Be it dullness, dehydration, spots or wrinkles, many of us have an extensive skincare regime for these concerns. However, we don’t have just one concern when it comes to our hair but yet, we tend to neglect our hair.

Developed to treat multiple concerns, L’Oréal Professionnel’s Powermix Treatment system can be customised according to each individual in just one session. Even if your hair concerns change over time, they can be adapted to suit your hair concerns whenever you need. This is because your stylist has the option to pick and choose from different booster - rich in vitamins and patented complexes to address specific hair concerns. For example, Power Dose Repair Treatment ( power –mix ) repairs damage hair.